I have had several items done by Maria and each time I have been very happy. She has done simple things for me like hem pants and dresses and much more complicated things like re-bead a dress. I always need the work done quickly and Maria always gets it done. She is very kind and patient and her prices are good for the excellent work she does. I will continue to go to Maria and recommend her to friends with confidence.
Gia R./Happy Customer
I’ve been going to Maria’s Tailoring for years. She’s always done a great job for both my husband and I. She has done great fittings with various types of clothing for me and she gives personable service. Maria is a kind and caring person. I highly recommend her and her work.
Janine & Randy/Loving Family
Maria’s Tailoring & Alteration Saved My Wedding Day! – I can never let kindness go unnoticed, so I feel obliged to tell everyone how Marias Tailoring & Alteration (54 North Main Street in Beacon Falls) saved my wedding day.

It was Friday, June 9th, just one day before my wedding, when my mother offered to pick-up my wedding gown from the bridal salon where it was purchased. I had been to two previous fittings at this bridal salon, so I was confident that the dress would look perfect. Around 9:30 that evening, I tried on the dress of my dreams for what I thought would be the very last time before the wedding.

After my mother helped zip and button-up the back of the dress, I came to a startling realizationmy perfect dress looked like a potato sack. The sides of the dress, which were supposed to hug my torso, bulged, and the weight of the dress kept pulling my strapless dress down to which it looked like I had no chest at all. Im not getting married in this dress,” I said in despair. I spent all this money for the wedding and the photographer; now it would be a waste.

At 10:30 Friday night, I left a desperate message on Marias answering machine. There was only one full day before the wedding, and if Maria couldnt drop all the work and appointments from her customers that day, my wedding would be ruined.

Bright and early at seven in the morning, Maria called the next day to let me know that shed be willing to help me. It was a miracle! As she pinned my dress at 7:15 a.m., I saw that approximately two inches needed to be taken-in on the sides. Even the hook and eye in the back needed to be replaced and repositioned. She was careful, attentive, and quick. By twelve noon, the dress was ready for pick-up, costing only a mere fraction of what most bridal places charge for alterations. Maria went the extra mile for me that daymy gown never looked more beautiful. For this, I will always be grateful.